About Trollface Quest

GamesTroll Face Quest have 7 variations for now, all based on the same basic concepts. It is a point-and-click design problem as well as strategy game full of increasingly challenging levels. The item of the game is to complete each degree unscathed.

Much like version 1, Trollface Quest 2’s degrees can be challenging. For example, on level 15, the major character/hero– a stickman– is standing outside a log cabin in the dead of winter, shuddering cold. You should help him get warm. You may think you could just make him go inside the cabin. Nevertheless, it will certainly not open as quickly as you click it.

You need to click the thermometer to raise the temperature and make the snow disappear. You had much better be quick! If you wait as well long, it will certainly be also cozy and a wildfire will break out! So, time yourself. Click on the thermostat, wait ’till it reaches the red line, then hurry and click on the door to open it as well as send stickman to warm shelter.

One more great instance of simply how tricky this video game can be is level 19. On this level, you are drinking with Troll Face– your nemesis. Click the mugs to begin drinking– but beware! The initial 2 drinks appear to decrease wonderful and smooth– however the third might kill you! Rather than taking that third sip, grab the bottle with the picture of the poultry on the front (click) and also it will certainly make Troll Face consume it– and ultimately toxin him! If you do this, you could win this degree.

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